Water Cooled Kickless Cables

By strictly understanding the changing needs and desires of our customers, we are wholeheartedly betrothed in bringing forth a wide consignment of Water Cooled Kickless Cable.

The low resistance water Cooled Kickless Cable described here as a special flexible Cable for use in the secondary circuit of a Resistance Transformer connected to a spot welding gun.

This cable comprises of six conductor ropes with a special standing (Herringbone construction) and insulted from each other by neoprene / EPDM Rubber extrusion are arranged in alternate polarity relationship and braided in to a single hose.

With Electrolytic Copper (99.9%)
Holder / Lugs as per Specification
33 SWG Wire (Electrolytic Copper)
Separator (Sp. Synthetic Rubber)
Insulation Reinforced Fiber
High Abrasion Resistant Rubber Hose
Band-it Type Clamps (Non – Magnetic)
Kickless Cable Selection
300 MCM – 50 – 100 KVA / 9000-12000 AMPHERES
350 MCM – 75 – 125 KVA / 10000-13500 AMPHERES
400 MCM – 100 – 150 KVA / 12000-15000 AMPHERES
500 MCM – 150 – 200 KVA / 15000-18000 AMPHERES
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