Air Cooled Cables

To meet the connector needs in resistance welding RK Cable offers a broad variety of secondary connectors. Each cable or secondary shunt is designed and built to perform with maximum efficiency and economy in its intended application.

An extra flexible rope type secondary conductors with connectors swage formed on each end for maximum flexibility and cooling. Each cable or secondary shunt is dedigned & built to perform with maximum efficienct and economy in its intended application, RKC Air Cooled jumpers are required to electrically connect diatant points which move in relation to each other. Such as

  1. The movable gun-arm of certain types of welding guns to the RKC Cables
  2. On multiple Spot Welding Machines

Every RKC Air Cooled Jumper Cables Terminals compressed under tonnes of pressure.

The standards terminal width is 32mm, if a wide terminal is required please specify while ordering.

Terminals : Both end terminals are made out of soft elecrtolytic copper tube.

Wire connection on terminals : In order to eliminate breakage of strands, wires are crimped in electrolytic copper tubes and soldered on inside and outside.

Wire construction : The conductors shall be composed of elecrtolytic grade copper wire of 0.254mm (33 SWG) standard in heringbone construction to give maximum flexibility, and its total sectional area shall not be less than the required sectional area, per MCM/mm2.

Protection Sleeves : To eliminate breakage of strands due to the frequent beding in operation protection sleeves are provided


  1. With Electrolytic Copper (99.9%)
  2. Holder / Lugs as per Specification
  3. 33 SWG Wire (Electrolytic Copper)
  4. Copper Shims / Foils 42 SWG (Electrolytic Copper)
  5. Insulation Reinforced Fabric/ Rubber / PVC / Glass Wool Tape
  6. Cable Ties / Duct Tape
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